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Web Design Prices
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The following prices are mostly estimates, unless noted otherwise. With most projects it is impossible to give a firm price without knowing the client's specific requirements. These prices have been published for your convenience, so you can see what price range to expect.

We are looking forward to hearing from you personally, so we may discuss your specific project and give you a firm quote based on your requirements.

Cost for website = Site theme design + Page design + Programming (if applicable)


Site Theme Design

incl. Layout, Design and Navigation

The site theme is what is visible on every page of a website. It includes the design, layout and the site navigation, which are all consistent throughout the site. Please note that the below offers don't apply for full Flash web sites. Such can only be priced on an individual basis.

Light Theme: $500-700
The most affordable solution to get a neat web site. Text links navigation, can be enhanced graphically (buttons menu), but no hover effects.

Classic Theme: $800-900
Fairly complex websites, either because of the navigation menu or the graphic complexity or a more unusual website layout. Navigation can be JavaScript or simple Flash, hover and press effects, additionally to text links (for search engines).

Enhanced Theme: $1,000+
This is where we get really creative.. Navigation can be Flash, JavaScript, DHTML.

Page Design

Individual Page Creation

The page prices are based on the assumption that you want to have individually designed pages, which is mostly the case. Large websites (50+ pages), or sites that have generically created pages are priced differently.

Light page: $90
Light graphics (page header, small graphic enhancements), simple text layout.

Medium page: $120
Medium graphics, a classic page can have a more complex arrangement and/or text layout.

Enhanced page: $190
Either advanced graphics or Flash accents, advanced text layouts & arrangements.

Flash Design Prices

Please keep in mind that these are rough price estimates, as the length of a Flash animation is only one small aspect of the entire work.


Flash Intro


30 seconds animation: $500-800
Completion time: 1 week

45 seconds animation: $1,000-1,400
Completion time: 1.5 week

60 seconds animation: $1,500-2,000
Completion time: 2-3 weeks

Flash Presentation


60 seconds animation: $1,500-2,500
Completion time: 2-3 weeks

2 minutes animation: $2,500-3,500
Completion time: 3-4 weeks

Logo Design Prices

Logo prices vary depending on your specific needs and likes. These are the most commonly requested logo services:
Simple Logos: $200
One or two color samples, typically 150x150 or smaller. Useful for personal web sites, or smaller corporate sites.

Business logos: $400-500
Full color logo for your business. Used on company web sites, business cards, and letterheads.

Premium logos : $700 - 1,000
Professional logo consistent with your company's brand, image and market positioning. Used on corporate web site, business cards, letterheads and marketing collaterals.


Before you hire us (or any other design company), you should determine your company's attitude, vision and goal. Your logo should reflect these elements. Look for logos that you like and don't like and try to identify the elements of each.

Logo terms

Logotype: A logo that is either made entirely of letterforms, or the portion of a complete logo that is created using only letterforms. Many logotypes are combined with a logomark to create a full corporate unique logo.
Logomark: Usually the graphic symbol that accompanies a logotype.

Logo types

There are 3 basic kinds of logos:
Graphical: Abstract graphic combined with your company name
Logotype/Text: Font elements only (your company name), developed into a design.
Illustrated: Illustration that most likely expresses what your company does.

Graphic Design Prices

Banner Design Prices

Full Banner
Size: 486x60 pixels
static Gif: $150
animated Gif: $200
Flash SWF: $250
Half Banner
Size: 234x60 pixels
static Gif: $110
animated Gif: $160
Flash SWF: $210
Vertical Banner
Size: 120x240 pixels
static Gif: $140
animated Gif: $190
Flash SWF: $240
Button 1
Size: 120x90 pixels
static Gif: $90
animated Gif: $140
Flash SWF: $190
Button 2
Size: 120x60 pixels
static Gif: $80
animated Gif: $130
Flash SWF: $180
Square Button
Size: 125x125 pixels
static Gif: $110
animated Gif: $160
Flash SWF: $210
Micro Button
Size: 88x31 pixels
static Gif: $60
animated Gif: $110
Flash SWF: $160
We design custom Flash or Gif banners, animated or static.
File size limitations are not a problem.
In order to get started, we will need the following information:

▪ Banner size
(in pixels)
▪ Color Preferences
(if any)
▪ Target Audience
(primary usage & purpose of the banner)
▪ Limitations
(if any, e.g. file size)